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Ardmore -

Cheese with a nip!

For a number of years Alex has encouraged people to also think of whisky as well as wine when they’re looking for a combination with cheese. He’s experienced and shared with customers a number of “wow” moments when the right cheese and whisky have been carefully matched. It seemed a natural progression, therefore, when the people at Ardmore approached him, to agree to make a whisky infused cheese! There then ensued a number of very enjoyable meetings with the Ardmore team to carefully pair the right whisky to the right cheese. Product trials were carried out and further tastings arranged to get the optimum balance and re-create the “wow” effect combining the dairy characteristics of our cheese with the unmistakable flavours of Ardmore. The result is Ardmore – the cheese with a nip!


Unpasteurised cow’s milk




British Cow - hard



Made by

Alex Reid


Product of Scotland


Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire


The more subtle flavours of the cheese leads you to the sharper edge from the whisky which lingers beautifully on the palate. We dare you to try just one bite!

Cambus O’May Cheese Company remains open for business for email orders. 


A big thank you to customers for your continued support during this period of uncertainty. Your orders will ensure that we are here to produce your favourite Aberdeenshire farmhouse cheeses once this is all over. For now we’re unable to accept visitors to the Creamery and our shop and the Milk Hoose Café is closed in line with Government protocols.
We’ll notify customers once Government protocols have been lifted and things are back to normal.
We look forward to welcoming you back to our facilites then.
Stay safe, Alex Reid