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Auld Lochnagar -

Fresh, nutty & slightly savoury

As with all of Alex Reid’s cheeses, Auld Lochnagar is named after a famous local landmark around Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms where the cheese is made. Auld Lochnagar is an age-old family recipe almost as old as the mountain itself. The recipe has been handed down over generations and is aptly named as this is truly a mountain of a cheese.

The ancient art of cheese-making was as much about maturing as it was about the process. Alex, too, believes in allowing plenty of time to allow a cheese to mature fully. Auld Lochnagar is a perfect example of this as it gently matures for up to 12 months allowing the full depth of flavour to develop. Maturing cheese in the farmhouse was a bit of a dark art.

Cheese was kept in cold damp rooms and turned regularly. Alex has researched this very carefully and has developed a maturing room capable of creating the same conditions in the shadow of this famous Scottish mountain.

Alex’s attention to detail and care to produce the ideal conditions means the cheese you buy will hold the same delicious flavours time and time again.